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4 Reasons Not To Train With Adrenaline Junkies TT

1. There will be a drastic change in your schedule.

Joshua takes a lot of pride in keeping his workouts entertaining & fun. He has been hosting these online workouts since April and there are still always new workouts each week. Joshua is also big on variety. Variety of exercises for all levels, variety of exercises for those with and without resistance bands & most importantly a variety of ways to workout while having fun and learning new skills.

As a result of this, it is extremely easy to find yourself prioritizing his online workouts. Currently there are 4 group sessions held each week & it is really difficult to predict what he's going to deliver. It makes you just want to be present! It makes you wonder what is next! There is an excitement that comes with joining the workouts and you simply do not want to miss them.

This is why we're saying that there will be a drastic change in your schedule because whatever you normally did between the hours of AJ's workouts, will now be replaced by their online sessions. Working out will naturally become a priority in your life and this is spoken about by a few of his clients in their reviews who mentioned experiencing a change in lifestyle due to training with Adrenaline Junkies TT.

2. You are going to end up doing more chores.

Let me explain, people are always amazed at how much they sweat during Adrenaline Junkies TT's sessions. I'm not just talking about a wet t-shirt. I'm talking about drenched in sweat to the point that there'll be puddles on your living-room floor. No that’s not a leak in your ceiling, that’s your perspiration! It's common to burn anywhere between 600 - 950 calories within one of Joshua's hour long workout sessions, so you just may find yourself reaching for that mop more often than usually. It's all in the name of a lifestyle change though so you'd be mopping with a smile!

3. Don't like dancing? Well, you will learn to like dancing.

The Cardio Kickboxing Aerobics Sessions Provided by Joshua incorporates Soca music & Kickboxing combos. The twist is, it's all synced to an 8 count. In other words, you're pretty much dancing! These segments will drastically improve your timing, coordination, memory, agility, balance, cardio, strength & muscle endurance. It is definitely a fun and intense way to burn some calories and get in a good sweat. Keep that mop on standby!

4. Finding excuses to give up on your goals becomes much harder.

Joshua is extremely dedicated to the progress of his clients and will literally give his all to see them achieve their goals. Even though these are group sessions, you really feel like you are his only client. He's always available to answer your questions and like a lot of his clients said in their reviews, he's very patient.

He believes in building sustainable habits to achieve sustainable results. He understands that there will be struggles along the way and he does not force anyone to do anything. Rather, he works with them and breaks down major goals into tiny steps that the clients feels confident in achieving.

With Joshua, there are really no excuses you can make. No excuses about the workout, no excuses about making changes to your nutrition. Nothing!

As a result, quitting and giving up on yourself is hard because you do see the results from working with him and he really does make it easy for you to follow his suggestions so there's really no excuse you can possibly tell yourself without feeling guilty. Especially, when you know he's there cheering you on & expecting you to crush your goals.

That was 4 Reasons Not To Train With Adrenaline Junkies TT, thanks for reading. If you enjoyed, please hit the share button, it goes a long way. (:

Interested in 3 FREE TRIAL sessions? Please send Joshua an email at

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