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About Adrenaline Junkies TT

Making Fitness Fun

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Adrenaline Junkies TT's main goal is to transform lives through fitness training. We focus on holistic development and encourage gradual & measurable growth & progress that produces sustainable results.

Our belief is that through fitness, one can  achieve not only physical growth but mental, emotional and spiritual growth as well. Lessons learned through training like remaining disciplined, determined, focused and resilient can easily be applied to any area in life and allow you to see positive results. 

Adrenaline Junkies TT was founded in 2019 by Joshua Prescott, a 25 year old Fitness Trainer who was raised in Trinidad & Tobago. Joshua has been involved in sports since age 4 and has competed in soccer and mixed martial arts tournaments for the majority of his life. He has taken his passion for fitness and turned it into a business in an attempt to positively impact as many lives as he can. 

Through our online workouts, in-person sessions and YouTube channel, Adrenaline Junkies TT has been able to train 100s of people and they're never left disappointed. 

At our new gym, which is located in Woodbrook, Adrenaline Junkies TT offers a wide range of activities to enjoy. These include Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing, Outdoor Circuit Training, Strength & Conditioning, Stretch/Recovery, Aerobics, Thigh & Glute focused training & TRX Training. We also recently started offering classes for kids & teens. These sessions are offered mainly for groups, however we offer private training as well.  

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Improving Lives Through Fitness

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Boxing Gloves & Hand Wraps

Boxing Gloves- $350

Hand Wraps - $100 

Rental - $20 per session 

A hand wrap is a piece of special cloth used to protect the hand from injuries. Our hands are made up of little joints and bones that can easily be injured when punching. The wraps add extra cushion to protect the tendons & muscles in the hand. 

Boxing gloves are also highly recommended for hitting heavy bags as they offer the most protection to your hands. MMA gloves should not be used for heavy bags as they offer little to no protection to the fingers & wrist. 

My Services

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Cardio Boxing & Kickboxing

 Bringing The Fun Back Into Exercise

Challenge yourself like never before in our Group Cardio Boxing/ Kickboxing sessions.

This is an hour long full body workout using boxing/kickboxing techniques while simultaneously getting that cardio in!

This workout is suitable for all levels of fitness; no boxing/kickboxing experience is required.


Stretch/ Recovery

Listen To Your Body (Online & In-person)

Recovery is just as important as exercise. Take the time to give your body what it needs.
Our beginner-friendly Stretch/ Recovery Group sessions place emphasis on the more gentle, restorative parts of exercise.
This class can be done at our gym or from the comfort of your home.


Outdoor Group Circuit Training

Outdoor Training

One hour equipment based circuit workout consisting of a mixture of resistance, functional and injury prevention training.



Lights, Camera, Action!

40 minutes of non-stop kickboxing aerobics! This is an intense but fun aerobics class that incorporates boxing and kickboxing techniques done to the beat of soca music.


Strength & Conditioning Training

Discover What You Are Capable Of.

This is how it all started! These workouts consist of body weight and resistance band workouts. We focus on improving and sustaining your functionality.


Thighs and Glutes

No Sweat, No Beauty, No Squats, No Booty!

1 hour of intense strength training designed to target your thighs and glutes.

Test your strength and endurance while building those leg muscles!

This workout is beginner friendly, no experience needed.



Push your limits

Expand your limits in our Group Spin  sessions.

This is a forty-five minute long cardio workout using spinning techniques taught by your instructor.

This workout is suitable for all levels of fitness; no spinning experience is required.


AJ TT - Teens

Creating High Achievers

In this program we focus on self defense training, strength training &  improving discipline, leadership & self confidence. 
These classes are on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays are for children ages 12 - 16 years. 


AJ TT - Kids

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Throughout this program we'll be introducing the children to various fun ways of exercising. This includes boxing and kickboxing, with the goal being to improve their coordination & increase their strength & stamina. We will also be working towards improving their social skills, teamwork skills, problem solving skills & more. Ages 7 - 11 years.

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Private Training

Take Control Of Your Destiny

In person, private kickboxing and strength and conditioning sessions are also available. If you like the idea of learning new skills while getting in shape, then you definitely want to give this a go. Similar to our other programs, you will quickly see a drastic improvement in your strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, balance, mobility & so much more! Weight loss will just be an added bonus.


Nutrition Guidance 

Feel Good, Look Good

You are what you eat! Not only does proper nutrition ensure you see the best results but it also makes you more efficient as a human and can drastically reduce your chances of getting many sicknesses and diseases. With our Nutrition Guidance Program, you will be educated on what proper nutrition is and be taught how to choose better foods, adjust your portions sizes, measure your macronutrients & calories if necessary and slowly build great habits that will last a lifetime.

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Hear from the clients

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Lauren S

I joined AJTT during lockdown, when my motivation was at an all time low. My options to stay active were limited and though I tried to stay on track, eventually my motivation swayed. I decided to try AJTT and through his group training sessions, I now found a way to train indoors 4 times per week. The structure of his routines are challenging, yet never boring. Joshua also provides many different variations/options based on your fitness level, existing injuries/limitations and equipment available. It is truly what I needed during this time of lockdown, with gyms closed and outdoor exercise prohibited.