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Do You Struggle With Staying Committed To Working Out?

We have all been through that phase where we start a new regimen. We're filled with excitement, we buy all the right foods to cook our healthy meals, plan our new workout schedule and may even invest in some new workout clothes. Then before you know it, the excitement is lost, the motivation is all but a memory and you are exactly back where you started.

Here are 3 tips to help you avoid this phase altogether

3 Tips For Committing To Being Fit; 1. Take it one step at a time. Changing your lifestyle can be quite overwhelming. It's important to break the journey down into tiny steps and be patient with yourself as you transition. For example, if you usually eat sweets everyday, maybe try going from everyday to every other day for one week. Then you can transition to every two days. Its the same with working out, if you don't workout at all, starting with a 20 min walk 2 times a week is still better than nothing. As time goes by you can increase the days, duration and even intensity. 2. Create an environment that requires the least willpower. This starts with your kitchen, if you're attempting to clean up your diet then there should not be any temptations in your kitchen. If it's not there you can't eat it, getting your family on board with this can really help as well. Also teaming up with friends who are also on their own fitness journeys can also help. You'll have company to exercise with and you'll feel a lot more motivated and excited when it comes to working out. The point is, you want to create the best environment for you to succeed and not be found spending time choosing between good or bad. Try your best to surround yourself with good only. 3. Reward yourself No, this doesn't mean you can go indulge in pizza and beer or ice cream and cake every time you feel accomplished on your journey. However, simply buying yourself a new workout outfit or a new fitness gadget can really excite you and help keep your flame of commitment going. Another way to reward yourself may be having a photoshoot, or treating yourself to a self care day. Changing your lifestyle is a major challenge and those who dare to take the challenge should definitely be acknowledged and respected. However beginning the journey is just the 1st chapter. As time goes by you will be faced with numerous obstacles and quite often you'll simply just want to give up. Its important to continuously look for ways to make your journey as enjoyable as you can to ensure you make it to the end and come out the new person you are destined to be. Thanks for reading!

Be sure to enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe!

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