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5 Tips For Sustaining A New Exercise Regimen

Starting a new exercise regimen can be quite overwhelming at times. From thinking about what exercises to do, to cleaning up your nutrition to even buying new exercise clothes and equipment. There is a lot that goes into it. In this blog I list 5 tips for sustaining a new exercise regimen.

Tip #1 - Get Started

The first and often the hardest step is to simply get started. A lot of people can overthink this and get overwhelmed at the beginning of their journey. My suggestion is to do more than you are right now and start at a pace that works for you. If at the moment you do not exercise at all, starting with a full body stretch a few days a week will be great. If you are active but you have been trying to do more, the same concept applies, start with a little extra. This can be an extra ab workout or two weekly. You're simply trying to create better habits at this point.

Tip #2 - Determine Your Fitness Goals

Once you have consistently been able to maintain your new exercise routine, my next suggestion is to determine your fitness goals. When doing this, you will want to be as specific as possible. Maybe jog a mile in under 10 minutes, do 10 consecutive push-ups, regain the mobility and flexibility you once had, reduce your fatigue etc. Once you have your goals down, you should write it down and read it everyday. This will give you a target and help you stay focused and strategic during your journey.

Tip #3 - Give Yourself A Variety of Exercise Options

This is highly recommended for people who get bored with exercises very easily. An example of different exercises may be jogging, hiking, swimming, playing basketball etc. This will help you stay mentally engaged with your routine, as you will always have something different to look forward to. It will also allow you to train the body in different ways which is always the best way to improve your overall functionality.

Tip #4 - Track Your Progress

Throughout your journey, I recommend paying close attention to the changes in your body. Your improvement in energy levels, flexibility, mobility, strength, stamina and endurance. These small changes are going to keep you motivated throughout the marathon that is your fitness journey. The times when you lack motivation or you get frustrated, these are the tiny signs of positivity that will give you the fuel to continue.

Tip #5 - Be Patient

As mentioned in tip #4, this is a marathon. Achieving your fitness goals may take you months and possibly even years. You need to remain patient and find the joy in your daily journey. Try not to get obsessed over the final objective as this can lead to frustration, which may hinder your progress. Once again, remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Stay patient.

I hope these tips were helpful to you. Feel free to share with someone who can benefit.

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