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5 Struggles Faced With Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is a goal of many. A lot of people try it and unfortunately few are able to make it through to achieve their goal. It does not happen overnight. If you are unsure about what you're doing, not seeing the results will get discouraging.

Below I have listed five struggles you are going to face when on the journey of weight gain. It is my hope that this makes you more prepared for what you're about to face so that when they arise you are not taken by surprise and you have a plan ready to overcome the obstacles.

1. Fighting Satiety -

The first on the list is fighting satiety which is the feeling of fullness. If you have been trying to gain weight, you're probably already eating to the point of satisfaction. The problem with gaining weight is that you will be required to eat even more. This can be quite uncomfortable as you will end up feeling stuffed most days. You will feel like you're running out of time to eat if you don't schedule your meals properly. Getting into a caloric surplus is a major challenge with gaining weight and it's another reason people turn to mass gainers for assistance.

2. The Added Expense -

As mentioned in point number one, you will be required to eat beyond satisfaction. This means you will be eating a lot more throughout the day than you normally would. It's also important to note that gaining weight is not going to happen overnight, it's a long-term process. For this reason, you are going to also need to be financially committed to this journey. The added meals will definitely increase your grocery/food budget and you will need to cover this added expense for the long-term until you achieve your goals.

3. Measuring & Controlling Weight Gain -

Gaining weight can get extremely tricky! Done too quickly, the added weight you were hoping for in the form of muscle mass can easily turn into fat. You will be required to track calories going in, calories going out and the numbers on the scale. This is the best approach to ensuring you're on top of what's happening to your body. If need be, you can quickly make adjustments where and when necessary. I will add that it is possible to still achieve rewards without tracking anything, however, it will be a big gamble/guessing game as compared to a strategic approach that you'll be in complete control of.

4. Maintaining Your Workout Routine -

This is another extremely important task that comes with gaining weight. You should engage in some form of resistance training as this will ensure your added "energy" or calorie consumption is turned into muscle. The absence of a sufficient workout program while attempting to gain weight can easily result in your added weight turning into fat. This is one of the main reasons people are overweight. They are constantly in a caloric surplus due to poor nutrition choices and a lack of regular exercise.

5. Staying Patient & Disciplined -

This is a marathon not a sprint. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to sustain the habits that are required to achieve the goal of weight gain. This will take great discipline but if you are serious about it, it will all be worth it in the end.

You have made it to the end! Thanks for reading and I hope this blog was helpful to you. If you need professional help with your fitness goals please feel free to reach out to us at Adrenaline Junkies TT.

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