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3 Tips for your Fitness Journey

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Starting your fitness journey can be very overwhelming, intimidating and stressful. You may be bombarded with different "diets." While also being confused as to what exactly you should be doing to exercise. Things can get even more complicated if you realize you are not seeing the results you desire. For this reason we are giving you these 3 tips to take along your journey.

1. Be patient: Be patient and kind to yourself! For persons trying to gain or lose weight, this can take a long time.The weight that you are trying to lose was not gained overnight , it took years and it will also take time to lose it. Be patient with yourself & enjoy the journey as you embark on your lifestyle change. 2. Respect the goals that your are trying to accomplish: Do not expect to achieve your goals overnight, it's not that simple. Understand what is needed to achieve your goals. Decide what you are ready and capable of doing to achieve them in the moment and start with that. Thinking things are going to turnaround for you overnight can lead to burnout & frustration. This is not what you want. It's going to be a rollercoaster so just enjoy the journey you're embarking on! 3. Be strategic: Weight checks and measurements are just data. The fact that you are weighing, measuring and gathering data is a major accomplishment in itself. It means you have decided to take action. Don't let the numbers get to you. Weigh, measure, take pictures, see how your clothes fit etc. It helps you track progress and see what areas may need to be improved, nutrition-wise and with exercise. Without the data, you are stuck in no man's land when things aren't going as hoped and changes to your program need to be made. Summary: Be patient & kind to yourself, respect your goals and be strategic. This has to become a lifestyle change and it's not going to happen overnight.

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